Thursday, September 20, 2007

Charlie T -1993 Male found in Florence, South Carolina

For now you can call me Charlie T. I think that's a cool name, at least until a cyber sleuth or some cop, pins a real name on me.

My story is this -- on November 19, 1993, in a wooded area off the 1-95 near Hwy 327 someone found me. Well they found my body. The Medical University of South Carolina determined my death was caused by a gunshot to the head on or about November 18 or November 19 of 1993.

I believe myself to be a pretty good guy. I'm described as being 35 to 55 years of age, 5'10" to 6'0", and about 160 to 180 lbs. Oh yeah, I had dark receding hair with brown eyes. I didn't have any facial hair, nor scars. I've had extensive dental work with a partial plate, and my fingerprints are on file.

I was wearing a funny T shirt that day. I guess not that funny seeing as how I was shot. But the shirt read "Your Weapon Is Your Best Friend" and under the picture it continued to say "It's the only thing around here that doesn't yell at me." So either I had a good sense of humor or I was trying to give a message. -- Did I shoot myself? Or was I shot by someone else?

Ok so if you are my family -- what's the hold up? eh? I'm waiting around for you. No pun intended!

What about my partial plate -- can't a DDS tell them who I am?

Oh yea and my fingerprints are on file -- so I guess I'm not a thug, because the prints didn't match anyone or they weren't run through the system lately. So why doesn't someone push for my fingerprints to be run through the system again.

As for my family -- seriously come forward and claim me. I like the temp name of Charlie T, but no matter how bad my past was, I'd much prefer to be properly identified.

What about you! Do you recognize me? Was I your neighbor? Your class mate in school years earlier? Your co-worker or employee? Anyone?

Florence County Sheriff's Office


Agency Case Number: 93-11-531
NCIC Number: U-694065387

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Florence South Carolina John Doe November 1993

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Anonymous said...

Something. About this case makes me sadder then normal when reading them.prayers that someone steps forward send a.letter anything. What is written on the note?