Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mrs. Springs - Unidentified Palm Desert, CA February 1997


I'm not very happy. On February 10, 1997, I was found dead in the hills behind the Desert Crossing Shopping Center, in Palm Desert, CA. It appears I had contusions to my legs and head.

Here is my 411: When I was found I was approximately 40 to 55 years old. I was 5'6, about 145 lbs, with hazel eyes, and no identifying scars or tattoos. My hair was shoulder length brown and gray mixed in. I had expensive dental work with crowns and root canal work.

The day they found me I was wearing a light colored striped shirt, blue denim pants, and a tan/ yellowish windbreaker jacket. I had very identifiable bi focal, large frame, prescription glasses.

The reason I'm not happy (other than being dead) is that I was wearing a wedding ring and yet here it is in 2007 and I'm still unidentified. We have all heard about unhappy marriages; but to never claim me, stand up and say my wife is missing, seems extremely unreasonable no matter how bad we fought. That is of course, unless it was my spouse that is responsible for my death. The problem with that theory is what about my parents, family, co-workers, neighbors, or friends, somebody would have to notice I was missing.

Here is the most suspicious thing about my death; when I was found I had my medicine and money, but all my id and identifying information was purposely removed. The officials claim that extensive searches were made but to no avail.

My picture seems like a pretty solid description. I hope simply looking at me you will have an AH HA moment and say I know that GAL. Please call the Riverside County Sheriff's Department at the information listed below and tell them how I am, or who you think I might be. Please!

Riverside County Sheriff's -

Coroner: (951) 443-2300

Reference Info: Year/Case#: 1997. # 97I0827 (Unidentified# 97-009)

UPDATED information brought to the attention by a reader. It seems the Sheriff has changed the location of where our unidentified was located. We did report previously by another reader that the shopping center was in Palm Desert not Desert Hot Springs, perhaps this was the tip that eventually led to the changes on the Sheriff's site. We are grateful to all readers who point out changes in the information as updated by local Local Law Enforcement, as well as, any and all errors made during the writing of the narrative.

Additional changes included location, clothing, superficial added to contusions, that she may have been disoriented and that extensive local searches have have not been successful.

VIEW HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Riverside California Jane Doe February 1997


Anonymous said...

The Desert Crossing Shopping Center is located miles away from Desert Hot Springs in Palm Desert. So either she was found in Palm Desert, or behind some other shopping center.

RJ said...

Thank you for your post. I will promptly advise the Riverside County Sheriff and see if an inadvertent mistake has been made.

Anonymous said...

Riverside County Sheriff,
Were fingerprints left on the duct tape? If so, were they ran thru CODIS, etc.?
Did the coroner do a bone analysis test to see if she'd been poisoned, perhaps with a date rape drug, then left to die?
Strange case, wish I could do more to help solve it.
Thx & God Bless you

RJ said...


I will forward your comments on. I'm sure the police always know more than we do, but don't always release all the details. I'm sure they run all they can at the time of death. Also, I believe that sometimes the coroner is overworked and cold cases, stay cold.

Thank you for your input and suggestions, your stopping by and simply looking is appreciated.

If we can each tell five people, who tell five people, and so on, maybe one day someone will recognize her.

Thanks again & God Speed...

Tricia Griffith said...

Hi RJ,

Do I have your permission to take her picture and the description and put it on my forum?

Tricia Griffith

RJ said...

Hi Tricia,

Absolutely. I would love for your group to work this case! And if you have a chance email me directly, I would love to speak with you.


Email: is on profile page.

Anonymous said...

The info states she was wearing a light colored striped shirt. Then it states there is no mention of a shirt. Maybe a correction should be done?

RJ said...

Thank you for pointing out the error in the narrative. As a result, we have learned that the Sheriff has updated her information and we were able to add and make notes on these as well.

Your time and attention to detail is extremely appreciated. Thank you for your support of CYIM.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris

Anonymous said...

Anyone publish what the medication was or at least what it was for? Might help in ID matching if it was for a chronic condition such as diabetes, etc.

RJ said...

Hi Pat,

Great question! The officially released information from the Sheriff does not contain the type of medication that was found, only that medication had been found.

Thanks for stopping by and asking. I appreciate your time.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

stephanie L said...

I too am curious about the medication. Knowing what kind along with her having bifocals..together..could be very helpful!

RJ said...

Hi Stephanie,

Law Enforcement still has not released that medical information publicly at this time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to follow and help to get these individuals identified.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

santa2ndfl said...

If the eyeglasses are exzamand closely, there will be a brand/company name as well as a style name or #. If for instance it was made by "Zyloware"', with that info you can go to said mfg and locate all optical stores in that area or 100 mile radias that the company sold that particular style and name to. Not all opticians by all styles, and also do not all do business with the same company venders. Luckier still would be if frame was made by say "pearle Vision" that would narrow it down considerably. Then the next step is the Glasses RX unique to each individual. If the store was computerized at the time, the person can be looked up by RX. Also on some Bi-focals there are identifying marks as to what company "actually Ground" the lenses, which in most cases, when placing an order with lense company a customer name and or ref/tray # is given. (again if it was a Pearle Vision, it would be easier to gain name to lense/RX as most times at that date in time they ground thier lenses in their own Texas facility.) getting the exact reading of the RX on the glasses is easy at any professional Dr. Or Optomitrist, or licensed Optician. Also the fact that the frames were oversized, means at the time, they would not have been "stock" lenses, they would have had to have been ground for decentration.
That's all I have for help. I wish I could help more.

Anonymous said...

The tip about the glasses is an excellent one! Rebel, have you had an opportunity to forward this on to the sheriff? This could potentially lead to her identity...

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't her name be on the medication if they know it was her's?