Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Me? Mr. Grande

Hello you can call my Juan Luis. When you learn my real name, we can change it and notify my family.

I was found dead in 1987. August 16th, 1987, someone discovered my cold body in Houston, Harris County, Texas. I'm angry. It is estimated that I was 23 to 28 years old. I have reason to be angry. My whole life was ahead of me. Why me?

I had black hair, brown eyes, I was about 5' 4 " - 5' 6 " and weighed about 132 lbs. - 142 lbs. I was wearing Wrangler Jeans, white jockey shorts with "Mr. Grande" and "Hohecho, New Mexico" written on them.

Also I had, scars on chin, chest, left knee, right thigh and right foot. I wonder if I had these before I was dead. Why am I dead? They say it's unknown. Why? Why me?

Do you know the 915 Northwoods at Montie Beach Park, Houston, Texas? Doe network says that's where I was. Well my cold body was. I need to rest now. Can you help me? Do you know me? Can you tell my family what happened to me? First tell me who I am! Thank you.

Please tell them who I am:

Harris County Medical Examiner
Agency Case Number:  87-4804
Missing Persons Clearinghouse
Texas Department of Public Safety
Phone: 512-424-5074

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Harris Texas John Doe August 1987

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