Friday, October 30, 2009

I have family looking for me. I need to find them!

You can call me Pete, for now. I was killed by a gunshot in 1972. I was found in a gully at 2935 Athel Drive in Hacienda Heights, CA. It was November 5; I believe it was a Sunday. I remember that because, oh darn it, I don’t remember. I guess the gunshot messed my memory up. Look it was a Sunday, and I was killed. I’d sure like to know why, wouldn’t you? More pressing is to find my actual family and finally tell them what happened to me. I believe they are looking for me. It’s been a long time, but they haven’t given up hope that someday they will find me. Let’s help them. Here’s where you come in. See if any of this information below jogs your memory, or send it to someone whose memory might be jogged. I need your help to find my identity. So here we go:

I was a white male, 6'3", and 195 pounds. The coroner states that I had blond hair, yet all the missing people organizations say it was shoulder-length brown hair. No one seems to dispute that I had blue eyes. The coroner said I have a scar on my butt. The missing organizations elaborate and state it was a 4 ½" scar above my tailbone, and that I also had one on my right knee.

I was wearing a pink shirt, along with the best Lennon-like jean jacket with a zipper down front you’ve ever seen. It was FAR OUT you know what I mean man? Blue Levi’s with a flared leg. NCMEC says the jeans had “PEACE” embroidered on the bottom left leg and “LOVE” embroidered on the bottom right leg. I had blue flowered boxer shorts. To top off the look, I was wearing my brown leather boots. Wait there’s more. Remember it was the ’70s man, peace & love not war. I was wearing my white metal band ring, a yellow peace sign earring in my right ear and black rosary beads. I had the looks!

It doesn’t matter if I was hippie, buying or selling drugs, an undercover cop, involved in a love triangle, simply on my way to a party, or if I had just returned to the country after fleeing from service; there was no need to kill me!

It’s your turn now. Can you help solve my mystery? Help me find my identity and reunite me with my family. Please do all you can; I’m counting on you!

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office: 323-890-5500 LASD Case Number: 072-17617-1479-011

Los Angeles County Department of the Coroner
1104 N. Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90003

Coroner Case Number: 72-11771

UPDATE: (Sept 20, 2010) When this record was entered into NamUs, this DOE was listed as being Adult PRE-30. However, as of this date, the coroner still shows this DOE as being 25+.

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Los Angeles California John Doe November 1972


Leigh said...

I don't see any mention of an approximate age for this young man. Did I overlook it?

RJ said...

Thank you for asking. This is a great question.

It's really unclear how old this man may have been. The coroners office listed him as 25 years plus, but other sources have stated he was 19 to 21 years old. Basically, we know he was adult male. Unfortunately, that's all we know.

Thank you again for such a wonderful question.

Rebel J. Morris