Monday, November 29, 2010

WHO AM I? It's not Doe you know!

I’ve been dubbed John Doe and now Ellis Doe. Doe is not my name in case you didn’t know.

On September 24, 1994, two fishermen were headed downstream on the Mississippi River near Rush Island. They found an individual floating in the water. They fished the person out of the water and called the authorities. It has been estimated that person had been deceased for about five days prior to discovery.

Are you familiar with Rush Island? It’s in the city of Festus, Jefferson County, Missouri. Festus 1994, there really isn’t much to say about the place. It’s relatively small. There is a major energy compound (Power Plant?) in this town. I wonder how close they are to the River. Ah it’s okay I’m sure they never had any chemical spills or hazardous waste issues over at Rush Island.

So I wonder what killed the guy who was found floating down the river. The authorities list body condition as putrefaction. The dictionary defines putrefaction as the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria, fungi, and oxidation, resulting in the formation of foul-smelling products.

The poor guy found dead was in pretty bad shape for only being dead for five days. I wonder how the death occurred. Don’t you?

Here’s the thing Ellis Doe, John Doe, and the guy found in the River – they’re all me. That’s right I’m the dead guy. So who am I?

All they can tell you is that I was a White Guy about 35 to 40 years old, who stood about 6’0, and weighed about 177 lbs, and had Brown balding hair. Not much huh? A couple interesting tidbits I hadn’t shaved in awhile and my eyes were somewhat dilated. Oh and I was found without clothing. I only had on my socks.

This whole death by River is just odd. Listen, I’m sure there is some fascinating story here to tell about my last days. I’m sure there are reasons I was found in this River. But for now, let’s focus on WHO I AM? Now that you have my basic description and an artist rendering to go on maybe you can help me solve the first mystery. My identity!

If you have any information about this individual,
please contact:

Jefferson County Medical Examiner

And use reference Case # 1994-280

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Jefferson Missouri John Doe September 1994

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Lisa DeSherlia said...

I'm a lifetime Missouri resident and this person was found deceased not far from me. How sad that these people can go unidentified for so long. Surely this individual has a family that wants to know what has happened to him. May God bring him home to his family, friends and community, if onnly so they can bury him with dignity!