Monday, January 31, 2011

Lucas Doe: Am I a runaway? Was I lost?

Had I run away earlier in my life? Was I lost?

Linn County, Oregon was founded in 1846 and named after Lewis F. Linn a United States Senator from Missouri. The economy relies heavily on the lumber and wood industries. It’s also the home of the only emery mine in the United States. Linn County is roughly 2300 square miles. And in 2006, Linn County, Oregon had a population 103,069. The question is was I part of the population in 2006?

October 23, 2006, hunters found my remains in a wooded area off Hwy 22, in Linn County, Oregon. Linn County, Oregon became my final resting place. That is unless you can help them figure out who I am and return me to my family so I can rest in peace in a family plot with my ancestors.

So what was I doing in Oregon? Could I have run away earlier in my life? Was I lost? Did I meet with foul play?

My remains were skeletal when located. However, they were able to determine that I was a while male, aged 25 to 45 and that I was approximately 5’8 (possibly taller). I was wearing gray "Sideout" brand t-shirt, black Dungarees denim pants and "K-Air" shoes measuring 12 7/8" in length. I may have been dead for up to a year prior to discovery.

My teeth. Apparently, I had very poor dental health. This is why it’s easy to assume that I was homeless, or maybe even a runaway and living on my own for many years. Maybe I worked on minimum wage for so many years and never qualified for dental insurance. Regardless of why, it’s another piece of the puzzle to figuring out who I am.

An interesting thing upon examination they found I had a condition called spondylolysis. This condition is more like a defect between the vertebrae. It causes small fractures that can weaken the back and might cause slippage and lower back pain. It’s estimated that most people who have this condition are unaware of it. Could I have been unaware of it? Or is this what could have led to my death? It’s hard to say at this juncture. In 2006, law enforcement was treating my case like a homicide but never ruled on the cause of death. So I guess only time will tell.

You know what might help? Figuring out who I am! Once the officials can identify me then they can piece my life back together. Can you help them? Do you know me? Can you tell others what I looked like and where I was found? Maybe if everyone out there sees the forensic sketch of what I might have looked like maybe I can find my way home.

If you have any information, please contact:
Linn County Medical Examiners Office
Case # 06-19012

November 2011
UPDATE/ Additional Notes:
Forensic Artist: Joyce Nagy, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
Original Doe Alias: Jason Doe

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Linn Oregon John Doe October 2006

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