Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlene Doe – Willow Slough Park Fourth of July 1988

by Betsy James Cooper

Willow Slough is the place to go if you like hunting, fishing, and camping in the Morocco Indiana area. Some might say it’s about the only entertainment offered for the wildlife enthusiast in these parts. July 4, 1998 was no exception. The day of Independence! The Day of Celebration! The Fourth of July is a day families gather for parties, togetherness and fireworks. Many people in Morocco Indiana and the surrounding areas gathered that particular of Fourth of July and celebrated. People had picnics with chicken, pasta salad, corn bread and lemonade. Kids were running around with sparklers. Lots of eating, drinking and laughter happened that day, just what you would expect for a Fourth of July.

That day, that particular Fourth of July was not a good day for me or a friend of mine. It’s speculated that, that was day we met our final independence. We were set free from the confines of life.

On August 5, 1988, a man fishing at Beaver Creek in the Willow Slough State Park found me and my friend Tony. We had been killed by someone who didn’t want you to find us or know who we were, that’s clear by the fact they set us on fire to finish us off. They failed. My friend Tony was identified. The funny thing is that no one would tell them who I was. Why was that?

Now it’s time for the public to help. I mean, okay so Tony’s family and friends won’t tell them who I am. But I am somebody and somebody is probably looking for me right now in this very instance as you are reading this. 1988 was a long time ago. It’s time my family and friends find me and learn what happened to me. Like Tony’s family learned about him. Right?

Let me help you. I was an African American Female, twenty five to forty five years old, who stood about 5’6, and while my weight was unknown it’s stated that I had a very light (below average) build. Can I tell you a secret? I think you might consider that I was closer to twenty five. Medically speaking I had a joint disorder called Osteochondritis Dessicans and Spina Bifidea but it’s possible I didn’t even know about these conditions. Sometimes they exist but are not evident to the person who has them. Maybe as I had grown older I would have become aware of them, but we’ll never know that now will we?

One last interesting thing that may or may not help someone figure out who I am is a safety pin. It has the number 450 stamped on to it. It’s like one of those pins you see used for a public swimming pool. They found that pin along with a piece of Jordace Jeans, a red button and a small piece of what appears to be a red and white checkered vinyl cloth. As you can see we have come full circle back to the Fourth of July. Swimming and picnic tables just like any average Fourth of July celebration. Except this one, I died.

If you know about that Fourth of July 1988 in Morocco Indiana would you please call the following phone number and tell them. If you know who I am will you please call and tell them. It’s been too long. I’m ready to find closure. Help me find that closure.

Scott A. McCord, EMT-P, MLDI
Newton County Coroner
4117 W. 240 S.
Suite 500
Morocco, IN 47963

CASE # 56-09-Charlene88

VIEW HER PROFILE AT A GLANCE HERE: Newton Indiana Jane Doe July 1988

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