Monday, May 9, 2011

I don’t find this amusing anymore.

You can call me Al. Al is not my name, or is it?

I don’t find these guessing games amusing anymore. It’s been eight years since you found me. It’s been even longer since I died. I think its time someone finally figures out who I am.

You think I sound angry? Well I’m done laughing. I’m not amused. Wouldn’t you be angry? It’s been eight years. Sure I’ve heard from others they’ve waited longer. Honestly, I don’t care. I care about me. Right now, my only priority is me. It’s time you figured out who I am!

My 411: I was found May 17, 2003 in a wooded area near Prichard, just north of Mobile, Alabama. It’s also near Interstate 65 if that helps any. I was a nineteen to twenty six year old black (or Native American) male. I stood five feet and seven inches to five feet and eleven inches tall. That’s all they know about me so far.

I’m really not amused.

Two different images of what I might have looked like have been presented to you. My 411 was laid out for you. Now it’s time that you figure out who I am!

If you have any information call:

Alabama Dept of Forensic Sciences
Case #03MB-04478

Prichard Police Department
Case #03MB-04478

Louisana State University – Faces Lab
Case #03-45

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA HERE: Mobile Alabama John Doe May 2003


Anonymous said...

Hi I live here in Mobile. I ran upon this profile. My sister may can be able to identify him or atleast affiliates of his. See if his profile is correct he is roughly the same age as my sister. Prichard isn't a big town and my sister went to high school near prichard called leflore.

RJ said...

Hello Anonymous,

We encourage you to contact law enforcement with any information you have about this man's identity, or contact our office with further information.

Thank You

Rebel J. Morris
Executive Director/ Founder

Can You Identify Me?
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Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 462-7243