Monday, June 13, 2011

Looking forward to the Holidays ~ Bradshaw Doe

Barbara Anderson ~ Artist

The year was 1989 and it was the month of September. The holidays were right around the corner. I wore a wedding ring. I was probably married. Are you married? If you are then you know that the holiday season is one to look forward to and rejoice. I guess if you’re single it might be a harder time of year. The wedding ring I wore indicated that I probably was looking forward to the next few months spending time with my wife, maybe I even had kids.

The problem is that sometime around August 1989 someone decided for me that I would never see the holiday season that year. Someone shot me dead. After I was shot, I was wrapped up in a distinctive animal print tan comforter. I believe it was jungle cats, yes, a jungle cats tan comforter is what was wrapped around my body. It would be funny if you learned that the person who shot me, wrapped me in the comforter and threw me off the side of the road also included matching pillows wouldn’t it? I don’t recall if they were matching, but start laughing because they found print sofa pillows. I guess they shot me on the couch and had to get rid of the evidence. I guess. There was also a blue sleeping bag thrown into the mix. I hope my family isn’t reading this right now. You know but at least if they are they’ll finally learn what happened to me. If I’m not mistaken it’s been over twenty years. It’s time my family discovered my fate.

Here’s the thing they know a lot of important information about me, except that one crucial piece of information. They know I was shot probably around the time my body was discovered on September 1, 1989. They know I was found in ditch off Sheldon Road west of Bradshaw Road in Sacramento, California. They know that I was wearing a red long sleeved shirt, jeans and white cowboy boots. They know that I’m probably between twenty five and thirty five years old. They know that I was six feet tall and one hundred and seventy pounds. They know that I had brown eyes and brown curly hair. They know that I had side burns, a thin mustache and a beard. They know that I wore gold caps on my upper incisor teeth. They know that I had a fourteen inch scar on my lower left leg. And they know that I wore a wedding ring. What they don’t know is who I am.

This really cool forensic artist lady came over to Sacramento Coroners office and helped them by providing a sketch of my likeness. With this sketch someone out there has got to recognize me. With that wedding ring, I know someone is searching for me. I pray that my family finds out soon what happened to me.

If you have any information about the identity of this man, please call:
Sacramento County Coroner’s Office
Case # 89-02668

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE HERE: Sacramento California John Doe September 1989

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Anonymous said...

Scary thought: What if the wife is the reason he was killed? Still, there has to be someone looking for him. So sad.