Monday, July 18, 2011

Who is Helen Ayala?

My right pocket liner was inscribed Ayala, Helen. Who was that? Did I know her? Did she know me? Or is it just some coincidence that my right pocket liner contains the name Helen Ayala?

This is probably a good time to introduce myself. Wait, that’s the problem. The reason I’m here on this site is because I can’t introduce myself. Two reasons I’m here actually. One is I’m deceased and the other is you don’t know my name. It’s hard to tell a story with an introduction when the deceased individual has no name. To wit, I’m unidentified and only known as case number CC-010-95.

What can you call me? My belt buckle was inscribed with the letter S. They think I’m a Hispanic male in my twenties. Assuming I died around the time they found me on March 14, 1986, I was probably born sometime around 1966. What were popular male names in the Hispanic community in the mid sixties? Let’s see, could it have been Salvador or Sergio? Maybe the S stood for the first initial of my last name? Maybe it could be Suarez, Sanchez, Salas, Sandoval, or Santana? There are many first and last names that start with S. The sad part is that my belt buckle may not have anything to do with my name. Alas, until you know otherwise you can call me S Doe.

When I was found near State Hwy 121 and Rowland Creek in Collin County Texas I was wearing a J Riggens brand baseball type jacket. In Dallas County there was a J Riggens Men’s Clothing Wear. Maybe I worked for them? Maybe I frequented one of their stores and purchased a lot of their clothes? Turns out Collins County where I was found deceased is part of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. There is a connection from Dallas County men’s clothing store and the jacket I was wearing, right? Here’s another mystery for someone to figure out.

I’ve told you about the name in my pocket liner. I’ve told you about my belt buckle. I’ve told you about my jacket. I’ve told you about when I was found, where I was found and about how old I was when I died. What don’t you know? I had brown eyes, black hair, weighed about 152 pounds and stood about five feet eight inches tall. Also I had two brown knit gloves and a brown string necklace with a cross on it.

Turns out that in March of 1986 I was shot several times. Those gun shots were end of my life. Yet, I’m determined to help you find out about the rest of my life. There has to be a way for you to find out more about me. Maybe Helen is a clue? Maybe the letter S is a clue? Maybe J Riggens clothing store in Dallas County is a clue? You have a lot of information that might help lead me to my family. I just need the right one of you out there to put all this information together and find my family, my identity. I know that someone out there can make this happen. I’m determined. You be determined too.

If you have any information about this man, please contact:
Collin County Medical Examiners office

HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Collin Texas John Doe March 1986

Texas Department of Public Safety FLYER:

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Anonymous said...

There are 7 Helen Ayala's listed in Texas on the website. I would assume that authorities have already contacted them?