Monday, September 26, 2011

Diana Doe - Who Am I? Do you know?

If you’ve visited this site before and read other narratives, you know that some of these people have little information to provide you with. This time, I’m gonna bet I have the least amount.

If you are here, you know I’m Unidentified. If you looked at my sketch, you know I’m a female. Did you know I was twenty to twenty-five years old, 5'2" with reddish-blond hair? Did you know I had extensive dental work?

On December 4, 1972, they found my human remains. They found them in Prince George County, Maryland near the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

That’s it. Well of course, it was written somewhere that I probably never had kids. Now why they would write or say that, I have no idea. Either they could tell or they couldn’t. But they say “probably.” This is probably not helpful.

The above, what little I've told you--that’s all there is about me. Yet, I’d sure like my family to know what happened after all these years. Perhaps someone out there who hadn’t seen my sketch before now might be able to tell them who I am. A girl could hope.

If you know who this woman is, please call:
Prince George County Police
Cold Case Unit
301-772 4927
Case Number: 72-187A

HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Prince George Maryland Jane Doe December 1972

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