Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stan Doe--Found in the Atlantic Ocean

It’s been too long and I’m too old to tell you any stories, so we’re just jumping right in. No pun intended. On July 24, 2000, my body was found just miles off Jonesport, Maine, in the Atlantic Ocean.

No sugar coating here. The authorities estimate that I died just weeks earlier, in June 2000. They believe I was in my sixties and had gray hair. I was wearing a long sleeved blue knit pullover shirt with a collar as well as a white V-neck T-shirt, two pairs of tube socks, and a gray metal Casio watch. My dental work was distinctive in that I had a Nesbit partial denture span three teeth with one missing. The following were also noted as medical conditions Cardiac Hypertrophy, Coronary Atherosclerosis, Emphysema, and Nephrosclerosis. So I had some heart, lungs, and kidney issues; however, the cause of death was listed as undetermined because of the state of my remains.

So what happened to me? I guess it’s possible I had a heart attack and simply fell overboard in to the ocean. Yet, it seems odd no one noticed I was missing or saw me fall. Same thing for if I wanted to kill myself, you would think someone would notice me taking a nosedive off some ferry into the water. I guess its possible I rented a small fishing boat and jumped; heck, I might have even owned a small boat that would explain why no one saw me jump or fall into the water. Then there is always the cynical approach: someone else killed me and fed me to the fishes. Whatever the reason, death by accident, suicide, or murder, I’m still dead. The problem, at this point, is not how I died, but who the heck I am.

See the above gave you some facts, but with one large important piece of information missing--My Name! Who am I? They don’t know and they need your help to figure it out. So if my forensic reconstruction (image) looks familiar to you, give them a call. If you know someone who went fishing in the summer of 2000 off the port of Maine, or anywhere on the upper Eastern Coast, and never came home, call them. If you think any of this sounds like someone you know, call them. They need your help to figure out who I am.


The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office
State of Maine

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE HERE:  Washington Maine John Doe July 200


Maria Maclennan said...

Unless the watch was waterlogged, which I imagine it probably would have been considering the body was found in the ocean, then most Casio's have a memory function which saves phone numbers, addresses, nicknames, etc. Might be worth a check as both high-end and inexpensive watches have proved vital in identification leads in the past. Best wishes.

Laura Smith said...

I think this man looks like George Boardman who is missing in the state of Maine. The info doesn't exactly match up, but mistakes or false information seem to hamper cases like this for years. George Boardman was reportedly last seen in Oct. 2000 (by his roommate) and this man was found in July. Their faces seem to look alike to me anyway. Does anyone else think so, too?