Monday, October 15, 2012

Fawn Doe because you don’t know!

On December 22, 1991, you were rushing around from store to store buying the last minute gifts, hiding them under your coat when you walked through the door, stashing them in secret hiding places so you could run downstairs and start baking the holiday treats, and suddenly your entire house smelled of cinnamon, spice, and pumpkin; with one deep breath, you dropped back into your chair and finally relaxed. Not me, because that moment, that moment, my decomposed remains were found in a rural area in Vinton, Louisiana.

Three weeks earlier, when you were enjoying your holiday preparations, I was brutally shot to death. There would be no Christmas for me in 1991 or any year to follow.

I’ve been dubbed Fawn Doe, but you really don’t know who I am, my name.

What do you know? I was most likely under the age of 30. I was 20 to 29 years old. My hair was reddish brown. I stood 5'2" to 5'6" feet tall. My jewelry was unique and the rins is indicant of the Southwest part of the United States, “a white metal ring, size 5 3/8, the face of the ring is a depiction of a bird, turquoise in color with a red tail worn on the little finger of the left hand.”

How about some details that are irrefutable? My medical findings state “an extra vertebra present which was fused to the sacrum. The fifth lumbar vertebra exhibited some lipping on the inferior articular facets which may be indicative of back problems.”

You would think since I might have had back problem, I was probably seen by a doctor.  Perhaps, I’ve been to a hospital or a clinic for pain?  Maybe hospitals, doctors, in Louisiana and all surrounding areas might be helpful in determining who I am? If not, then expand the search until the entire US is covered especially the southwestern areas and if still not then, maybe just maybe, a surrounding country, like Canada or Mexico?

Can you help me? Can you help me get my image, my story, and my information to as many people as possible to find those people who know me?


Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office 337-494-4523 Case #91-057381
Calcasieu Parish Coroners Office 337-477-7537 Case #CPCO-191-91


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