Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Jane Doe


               I am so scared! This place where I’m at is cold, dark, and lonely. I’m lost and I don’t know where my mommy is. Something happened to me, and I don’t remember my name. I’m not that old, just a little girl. Next year I might have started school. I wish I could remember what happened to me. Then maybe somebody would be able to find my mommy.
                Today is December 26, 1983. Yesterday was Christmas. I wonder what I would have got for presents this year. I think a doll would have been really nice. One that I could dress up in different clothes and brush her hair. I would take good care of a baby doll. I wouldn’t hurt her like I’ve been hurt. The policemen said that I might have been abused. If that happened, why did people who were supposed to love me hurt me? The doctor who tried to help me after I died said that I had injuries on my face that showed I had either been abused or had a really bad accident. There are injuries to my skull, face, and nose.
                The nice hunters who found me today told the sheriff about me. The files that recorded my discovery got lost though, and nobody did anything with my case until later on. That nice doctor said that I had died maybe sometime in 1982 (that’s like a year before I was found).
                Oh! I almost forgot to tell you where they found me. Have you ever been to Virginia or North Carolina? On the big highway (I think they call it I-95), there’s a place at milepost 181 to greet visitors as they’re coming from Virginia into North Carolina. This welcome center has lots of parking spaces for big semis, cars, and trucks. I wonder if I came here in a car. Maybe somebody drove me from Virginia and left me here. The rest stop had a lot of work done to it, so it doesn’t look the same as when I was there. Behind it though, there are lots of trees. There are so many trees you can’t even see to the other side of them!
                I don’t know if I came here with my mommy and daddy. Maybe we were going on a birthday or Christmas trip. Maybe we had been visiting my nana and papa and were going back home. Since I’m somewhere between 4 and 8 years old, I was probably pretty curious. The rest stop was a big place to explore. Or maybe I lived in one of the houses nearby and wandered out of the house and into the woods. I might have gotten lost and nobody could find me. I think after a while, it got cold out because it was winter and my ear really started hurting. I got ear infections a lot. The doctor says it’s called a chronic ear infection.
If I didn’t come here with my mommy and daddy, then maybe a bad man took me away. I don’t think I would like being with a bad man. He probably really scared me and made me cry. I might have made him so mad that he hurt me and I died. He didn’t know what to do, so when he saw all the woods around the rest stop, he thought no one would ever find me. He didn’t want to get into trouble, so he just left me in the woods. Maybe he came across the state border and left me in North Carolina just to try to confuse the policemen.
                I don’t remember what happened and how I got where I am. Can you help me find my mommy and daddy? I have DNA and dental records that can help tell who I am. I know there a lot of missing girls out there and one of them is me.
                Lots of people are working really hard to try to figure out who I am. Can you help? My name is Christmas Jane Doe, and I have a Facebook page. I am African-American and am somewhere between 4 and 8 years old. Even though I could have died from an accident, the policemen are pretty sure I was murdered. Maybe this Christmas I will have my own name, and my family will be able to remember me and know that I was found.

                It’s really, really important that if you think you know who I am or have any information on my case that you contact the Medical Examiner’s office at 3026 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699 or call them at 919-966-2253.


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