Monday, December 14, 2015

Margaret Doe from California

                It was right around the holidays and I was thinking of all the goodies I wanted to make.  I brought out all of my cookbooks and flipped through the worn pages as I tied on my apron to begin the festive baking.  I love how the aroma and the warmth spread throughout my home.  I wondered how many I should make this year.  I wondered if anyone would come visit me.
                I just had to lay down for a moment, but unfortunately, I never woke up.  I had been there quite a while until someone found me, quite a long while indeed.  When they discovered me, I had been dead for about six months to a year.  Maybe no one could make it over for a visit during that time.  Maybe my children were all too busy with their own lives.  Did I even have children?  Maybe my caregiver was tired of taking care of me and didn’t think anyone would notice.  No one did.
                Whoever it was that finally found me lying on the sofa decided it was best to roll me up in a tarp and discard me on the side of the road.  What would make someone do that?  Did they want the money I received every month?  Did they need it that badly?  Was it someone I knew? Was it someone too afraid to call for help?
                My body was discovered in May of 2015 in Corcoran, California, in King's County.  They found my remains at 6th Avenue and Homeland Canal.  I may have been from a surrounding city like Hanford or Selma or Farmersville.  I may have been from somewhere even farther, like Bakersfield or Modesto, and they drove me to a remote town where no one knew me. 
                I was wearing black yoga pants and a light-colored top.  I was Caucasian and stood between 5’0”  and 5’6”.  I had short blonde hair with remnants of gray.  I was 60 to 70 years old.  My bones were frail, but that's just what happens with age.  Is my family looking for me?  Did they do this to me?  Please help me find the answers.  Do you know me?

If you have any information about this person, please contact:

King's County Sheriff's Office
1444 W Lacey Blvd
Hanford, CA  93230

View her profile data here:  Kings California Jane Doe May 2015

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