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Saturday, August 30, 2014


We'd like to thank all of the CYIM Volunteers who labor daily to find resolution for America's Unidentified.  We wish you a very restful and joyful three day weekend.  

Thank you to the entire Missing and Unidentified Community for your labor and efforts to reunite families with their missing loved ones. 

A quick reminder for a safe weekend: 

Please remember to carry identification, an extra cell phone battery and plenty of water.  In the event of traveling make sure to tell your family or close friends the route you’ll be taking, your destination and travel times.  And always be safe!


In observance of the Labor Day holiday, all offices of Can You Identify Me will be closed on Monday, September 1. Our offices will be open for business on Tuesday, September 2.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wanted Volunteer Board Members

Our 501c3 nonprofit is seeking new Board Member applicants. If you have experience and would like to help victims of domestic violence, abuse, homelessness, human trafficking please visit our website and read about the services we offer to learn more about what we do.  If interested in serving please contact us via email  for an application. 

Thank You

Friday, July 11, 2014

Can You Identify Me will be ON THE AIR in Las Vegas this Sunday July 13

Listen to Can You Identify Me on the air this Sunday, July 13
on the following Las Vegas radio stations:

KDWN AM 720 11:00 PM

Executive Director, Rebel J. Morris will be joined by 
Board Member, Cathy Terkanian and
Board Advisor, David Van Norman

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Birthday America

Notice of Holiday Hours

In observance of the Independence Day holiday, all offices of Can You Identify Me will be closing at noon on Thursday, July 3. Our offices will be open for business on Monday, July 7.

In the event of an emergency please call 911.  If you have an urgent non emergency please call our offices and leave a voicemail.  Voicemails will be forwarded to staff for monitoring. 

During this Holiday remember to carry identification, an extra cell phone battery and plenty of water.  In the event of traveling make sure to tell your family or close friends the route you’ll be taking, your destination and travel times.  And always please be safe!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Jackie Doe from Compton

                The year was 1975. The place was Compton, California. Although progress had been made, racial tensions were still high. Not only were there struggles between African-Americans and Caucasians, but also between emerging gangs in the various neighborhoods. The battles between the Crips and the Bloods became more violent as they increased in number and claimed their territory.

                Do I have your attention?

In the middle of all this chaos is the unsolved murder of a young African-American girl. That girl is me. I don’t know my name, but I want you to remember my story. So for now, let’s call me Jackie. I was only a teenager – between the ages of 14 and 17 – too young to have my life snuffed out. I stood about 5' tall with brown eyes and black hair and weighed around 100 lbs. Only a few hours after I died on September 13, 1975, somebody found me in the 700 block of Artesia Blvd. Since it is an industrial area, I am sure there were a few stores or maybe even factory buildings that people were coming to and from work or shopping. Unless, of course, it was nighttime – then maybe there wasn’t anybody in the vicinity when I was killed. There is also the possibility that someone witnessed the events that transpired that day, but they were too afraid to come forward because of repercussions.

                I may have been an innocent victim who got caught in cross fire between two rival gangs. But maybe I was a member of one of those gangs. Membership in a gang was a way of life for many teenagers who were simply trying to survive.

                Some people believe that I may not have been from California. If this is true, was I visiting family or friends and not familiar with the neighborhood? Had I just moved here with my family and started attending the nearby Centennial High School?

                I didn’t have any belongings with me when I was found except for a few pieces of jewelry. I imagine that I liked to dress up a little bit because that’s what many girls my age like to do. It seems I fancied the combination of gold and white metal. I had two rings – one was a white metal ring with one black and one white stone, and the other was a gold metal ring holding a large black stone with a gold flower inset. I also had a white metal chain necklace and a white metal bracelet. The last distinguishing feature is a 1-½ inch scar on the instep of my left foot. How did I get that?

                I know that I don’t have very many clues to tell you who I am, but I hope something in my story will trigger a memory. Were you a classmate of mine? Do you recognize me from another state or possibly another country? Even though over 30 years have passed since I died, it’s possible that someone out there is still looking for me and wondering what happened to me.

                Do you remember me? Can you help to solve my cold case?

If you have any information about this young woman, please contact:
Los Angeles County Coroner
(323) 343-0512
NCIC Number: U-761532768

Preview her Profile Data page: Los AngelesCalifornia Jane Doe September 1975

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mystery in High Point State Park

The cars zipped along Route 23 as it wound through the trees of High Point State Park, not seeming to care about the precarious twists and turns. Others meandered along, enjoying the scenery that the park had to offer. Several miles to the north, Interstate 84 hummed with activity as people sped from New York through New Jersey and down to Pennsylvania. Little did these people know that just a short distance from the road, I lay waiting for someone to discover me.

And they did discover me, finally, on June 24, 1980. For the hikers who found me, a gruesome sight greeted their eyes. My body had been divided up into five different bags, and since I had been there at least a year, many different forest animals had scavenged through my remains. The authorities found my head, arms, and legs but no torso. Was that part of me dragged off by some animals, or was it never there from the beginning? Perhaps it held unmistakable clues to who I am.

As in many cases like mine, there is not a whole lot of information to go on – only a plethora of theories. The facts are these: I am a female between the ages of 13 and 20. They believe that I am Caucasian mixed with some other ethnicity, perhaps Hispanic. I was discovered on June 24, 1980, but they estimate my death happened sometime in 1975. My remains had also been in the woods for approximately a year. Where was I for the other 3 or 4 years since my death? I dyed my natural brown hair blonde, my molars have a star-shaped crevice in them, and the jeans I wore had a distinctive 8-count thread pattern that started at the right hip and ran down the left leg.

They take my case out every once in a while to review, but 30 years later they are no closer to identifying who I am. Since it’s possible I am part Hispanic, it’s possible that I am part Puerto Rican. Between 1950 and 1980, an influx of Puerto Ricans moved into the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area. I was found in High Point State Park off of Route 23 near the Wantage border in northern New Jersey. Is it possible that I attended one of the area middle schools or high schools in the early 1970s? The Appalachian Trail also runs through the park – was I a victim of a hiker on this trail? Another possibility is that my death is the work of a serial killer not only because of the dismemberment of my body, but also because of the difference in time between my death and my disposal. Was I even from New Jersey? Or was this drop-off site a convenient location from Interstate 84?

So many questions with no answers, but perhaps you can help. Did you attend school in the area? Pull out an old yearbook and look through the photos. Do I look like anyone? Jeans with details were pretty popular in the 1970s – do you remember a distinctive thread pattern such as what I was wearing?

Sometimes even the littlest detail that may seem insignificant can lead to a breakthrough in a cold case. I am hoping that someone out there will have that little detail, so I – as well as all those who are looking to identify me – can have a closure.

If you have any information about this woman, please contact

Sussex County Medical Examiner’s Office
175 High St., Newton, NJ 07860
(973) 579-7144
Morris County Medical Examiner
P.O. Box 900, Morristown, NJ 07963-0900
(973) 829-8270
(973) 829-8274 fax

Please view her profile data page here: Sussex New Jersey Jane Doe June1980