Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hailey Doe: They know who I’m not!

A road crew was cleaning up about fifteen feet from a gravel road in a wooded area when my skeletal remains were found on March 24, 1992. Specifically, I was found on Oakley Road near Oakley Industrial Blvd, Union City, Fulton County, Georgia. It is possible I died a year prior to discovery.

It’s been years since they discovered me and they still have no idea who I might be, what my name is, where I came from or if my family is looking for me. Coincidentally, the authorities with help of volunteers have ruled out at least twenty missing teen girls across the United States.

What is known about me is that I was sixteen to twenty (possibly thirty) years of age, white, female, about one hundred and forty pounds, sixty-eight inches, with root canal work. I wore a size six in women’s panties (not that, that should be anyone’s business). More importantly, I had a size six Mother’s Ring with blue, pink and red clear stones.

I believe that someone is going to come forward and claim me as their daughter, sister or friend. I know that the authorities with help of the volunteers and you that one day soon everyone will know my name. My family will finally learn what happened to me, and I can be buried with a stone that reads


Agency: Fulton County Medical Examiner
Phone Number: 404.730.4407

ME Number: 92-0582
NCMEC #: NCMU400024
NCIC Number: U-557702269

VIEW HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Fulton Georgia Jane Doe March 1992


Laura said...

What a shame...I hope someone can identify that jewelry!

Anonymous said...

Is there an update on this female?