Saturday, May 29, 2010


We are in the process of transferring these cases so that you may view the profile data for each victim featured here. 

You may check to see if they have been moved by searching criteria.

If you can't find the profile data yet contact our office for more information.

Can You Identify Me? 
501c3 National Non Profit
9550 S. Eastern Ave Ste 253
Las Vegas, NV 89123 
(702) 462-7243 


jen said...

where are these people from?

RJ said...

All of the individuals here were found in 1984. Each one is from a specific location throughout the country.

If you have information regarding any of the individuals here please contact our office at or 702-462-7243 at which time we can provide you with proper Law Enforcement contact information pursuant to the individual in question.

Thank you for your assistance in helping these individuals find their identities.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me