Monday, January 3, 2011

Brad Doe - 1983

The 1970’s were more my time. The music was rip roaring. There were all types of genres. Bet you can’t guess what type I listened to? Nah I’m not got going to tell you that would be cheating. What type of music did you listen to? The clothes were wild. Where ever I looked there was always something bright, long, shiny and hip. Even the stuff you would never catch me in, was pretty interesting to watch pass by on someone else. The people, well the people were from all walks off life, left over hippies with peace and love running in their veins, to rock n roll superstars and fans who acted like they were the superstars. Don’t forget about the disco mentality. Heck, I think everybody shined in the 70s. A time of discovery.

Sure, I discovered myself. Then came the 80’s. Things go different in the 80’s. Clothes, music, people, even the drugs changed. My life got more complicated. It’s hard to explain really. So I won’t. Not here and now. 

The worse part of the 80’s for me was that it ended way too soon. I made some bad choices in the 80’s. And some things, well they went wrong. I ended up, I ended up a prisoner of psychopath serial killer named Larry Eyler.

Needless, to say I’m not able to sit face to face with you today to share my story. No instead, some person I’ve never met is putting words in my mouth hoping beyond hoping that maybe just maybe some of those words will get your attention.

If you haven’t figured it out. I’m dead. I most likely didn’t live to see my 23 birthday. See it turns out they guesstimate that I was 17 to 22 years old. I was a white male. I stood anywhere from 5’5 to 5’10, with an average build. I had medium length reddish hair. I also sported some homemade tattoos on my right forearm. When they found me I was wearing ankle high leather hiking boots size 10 ½ and button pocket brown slacks 30” waist and inseam.

Here’s the thing. Not only can I not sit down with you face to face because this creepoid killed me, but he didn’t remember my name. So when he gave up info on others that he also killed he couldn’t tell them anything about me. So I need your help. See my family they are probably wondering what happened to me. It’s been twenty-seven years since I died; possibly, longer since they saw me last. So I need you to help the authorities figure out who I am. Can you do that for me? I’d appreciate it.

Figure 1. The cross tattoo from the anterior right forearm (photo taken after cleaning & rehydration)

Figure 2. The rectangular tattoo from the posterior right forearm (photo taken after cleaning and rehydration)

If you know any information, please contact:
Newton Coroner's Office
4117 S. 240 W. Suite 500
Morocco, IN 47963
219-285-2515 Leave Message
219-285-2565 Fax
Case # 56-09-Brad83
Additional New Information: Possible gum disease causing resorption of the bone. Brad Doe likely chewed tobacco.

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Newton Indiana John Doe October 1983

View, Print & Distribute his flyer: Brad Doe Flyer 


freakforfringe said...

Brad, I know God knows who you are...I will pray fervently for someone to recognize the drawing and circumstances of your life. May God direct your family and friends to this site and may a spark of recognition be lit so that you may truly res in peace...

Anonymous said...

Check runaways from Hardin, Bullitt, and Jefferson Counties in KY...

Teresa S. said...

Larry Eyler died in Pontiac Correctional Prison,in Illinois in the 90`s from Aids. this article doesn`t say where Brad Doe was found. Just wondering where was it Illinois,Indiana?

RJ said...

Hi Teresa,

Brad Doe was found with Adam Doe in an abandoned farm in Lake Village just off Hwy 41, Newton County, Indiana.

Adam Doe: