Saturday, October 27, 2007

Laura Smiles - CA Sacramento Unidentified Female, June 2001

I need your help! I need to know my name!

Until you can tell them who I am, you can call me Laura Smiles. I guess it seems appropriate as the artist shows my facial reconstruction with a big smile.

However, I'm sure I was far from happy in 2001. My remains were found on June 29, 2001, in Sacramento, California.

So here is what they can tell you about me:

Sex: Female
Race: Possibly White
Approximate Age: Late teens or early 20's
Height: 5'-5'5"
Weight: Unknown (thin to average)
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Outstanding Features: Has had a broken nose in the past

That's it. The biggest clue was that I had a broken nose in the past. Ok if that's all you have to go on .. use it. 

What doctors could have treated my broken nose? What school may have records of student being absent for a broken nose, fitting my basic description?

Also an important fact is that the photo displayed here are my actual teeth!

If you are dentist and have treated me in the past this might be helpful: "Teeth are very well cared for; no dental cavities; teeth have plastic sealants; missing all first bicuspids (#5, #12, #21, and #28); possible prior orthodontics or preparation for orthodontics; all four wisdom teeth are present; lower wisdom teeth are not fully erupted."

Do you remember a neighbor that might look anything like the rendering above? Do you know me? Can anyone call the police and tell them who I am, or who they think I might be?

I would rest more peacefully if you could simply help!!

If you have any information please contact:

Sacramento Police Department (916) 264-5471

Sacramento County Coroner's Office (916) 874-9320

Please reference June 29, 2001 as the date I was located.
Attempt to Identify notification was February 2002

VIEW HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE:  Sacramento California Jane Doe June 2001

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