Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bret Stone -Unidentified Male found Deep River, Ontario September 5, 2001

Until my family or friends can identify me, you can call me Bret Stone.

On September 5, 2001, six days before the tragedy of 9/11, someone found me deceased in a wooded area near a cross country ski trail. Specifically, I was at Deep River, Ontario, on a bench in an outhouse, in a wooded rest area of cross country ski trail, in the Laurentian Hills.

It appears I had been there a couple of day before they found me. They say there was no trauma found to the body. So I guess I wasn't shot, or hurt that way. I didn't hear any findings on drugs or anything that could have been in the blood system.

I appear to have been traveling due to my possessions, well tanned body and sunburn face. Maybe I skied?

Usually a picture is placed above that is an estimated description of what I look like. Here are two sketches but I'm not sure if they look like me. At the end of my story you will find a link that will show you a more accurate picture of me. The only thing is you must be aware before viewing that it is a post mortem photo.

I'm a male Caucasian. Estimated to be about 28 to 40 years of age. I was about 5'3 to 5'4, slim build with brown hair. I had normal teeth with good dental hygiene.

My glasses were blue and pictures are provided below.

I was wear black cotton jockey shorts, faded button fly blue jeans size 30, a black leather belt and a black T shirt. I sported triathlon socks and black small size, fairly worn running shoes.

When they found me, I had plenty of personal effects but still couldn't identify me. Check this list out:

  • Silver ring with aquamarine gem stone worn on right hand, little "pinky" finger

  • Blue "Eagle CreekTravel" nylon knapsack containing hiking items such as:

  • Candle lantern

  • Mini mag flashlight

  • Water container

  • Matches

  • "Levi's" pocket watch with blue face and built in compass

  • Luggage tag from a Costa Rican domestic airline

  • Plastic laundry bag from Sutton Place Hotel, Toronto

  • Matches from Sheraton Hotel, W Hotels (American Chain), and Barclay Hotel in Vancouver

  • 2 Protein Bars from a G.N.C. store, more than likely from the United States

Plus my Eyeglasses that are for a near-sighted person and are described as follows:
Frame is "Koh Sakai"Model # is " KS9365"Colour is " 6CPR"Size is " 46-23-145" Right lens prescription is "2.50 -1.75 X 182"Left lens prescription is " 3.50 -1.00 X 008" There is a reflective coating on the lens which is said to be expensive.

One might wonder with so many personal effects and my detailed glasses why can't they identify me? It seems like I had plenty of travels. Don't the hotel's remember me? How about the airlines, can't the flight roster provide a list of names that can be narrowed down to identify who is missing?

I think because foul play is not suspected they didn't try all that hard to figure out who I am. Yes, I'm sure they did the normal routines. However, I think more can be done to figure out my identity. Come on, I had all those personal items on me but no identification?

Sounds like a robbery? Or a lost wallet? If my wallet was lost maybe the lost and found at the ski resorts or lifts could be checked. It really doesn't matter if my money and credit cards are stolen, but maybe my picture ID could be found!

First we have the mystery of who I am, then how about my lack of identification considering all the other items I had with me, and finally what was the cause of my death?

Did I die of a heart attack as I was being robbed? Or Was I simply having a good time partying or having relations with some one who spiked my drink with too much and I overdosed?

I'm a good looking guy, with great teeth and lots of possessions that show I've been places. Someone must know me! Someone must be looking for me!!

Do you know me? Are you looking for me?

If you have any information -- anything at all that might help
please contact the Ontario Provincial Police, Upper Ottawa Valley Detachment

(705) 330-4144 for local or outside of North America
or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
Ontario Canada John Doe September 2001

Caution by follow this link you will see a post mortem photo


Cindy said...

I live in the area that this incident occured. I am also very curious as to why such a well groomed man could not be noticed missing. there has to be a link somewhere in finding his identity. I wish I could help.

RJ said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for visiting this site and taking time to look around at the posts.

I believe that a local in your area will be doing a documentary on this case soon. Keep your eyes open for that.

The best way anyone can help is to spread the word and get the photo out. The more people who can see these photos the better the chances these unidentified have to some day find their identity and rest in peace.

Thanks for all your support.

Blessed Be...

RJ said...


Please email your links & what you have on your potential match. I'm looking into your last comment (not posted). You can email me at canyouidentifyme@yahoo.com

Rebel J. Morris

PS: Thank you for pointing out my profile did not contain an email address. I have fixed that problem.

Cheryl said...

This man was identified. He was a missing man from the Ottawa area.

RJ said...


Thank you so much for your post.

We very much would like to speak with you regarding this matter please contact our office at 702-508-4720 or canyouidentifyme@yahoo.com

Thank you again for your time and we look forward to hearing from you directly.

Thank You,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

Kelly said...

I was wondering if this man was actually identified and if so how wonderful that would be! There is so much information that he left behind, it would seem ridiculous to not be able to identify him somehow with all the clue he left us!

Kelly said...

I was wondering if this man really was identified as Cheryl had said? He left behind SO MANY clues, it would be ridiculous of us to not be able to use them! I hope that he really was identified and his family and friends were notified.

RJ said...

Hi Kelly,

I followed up with law enforcement and unfortunately no he has not been identified. It's always nice to keep up the hope. If others can be identified so too can this man one day.

Please share his information & information about the others with your friends. You can help them get identified!

Thank you so much Kelly for asking. I hope the next time I get to update with something different.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

Kelly said...

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for the double comment, you can delete one of them if you want to. I will share this information and I do share 'Can You Identify Me' with others. I research many of these "Doe's" myself, to see what can be done. I am new at this, but as I spend hours reading other peoples' research I see picture comparisons etc, and hope to help find someone's identity! Maybe I won't be the one who does, but I can be a step in the process, by passing the info along! :-) Keep up your GREAT WORK, RJ!

RJ said...


Thank you for all you are doing. Every person who helps simply by sharing this information makes a huge impact & brings these souls closer to identification & finding their families. If you ever have questions simply contact Can You Identify Me, our team is happy to help. Remember united together we can make a difference.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

Anonymous said...

Not much info about the death, should have been unless it was an OD of rohypnal? Large closeted gay community there and wonder if it wasn't accidental, seems strange place to be found dead.

Tom Friendly said...

He died from a Caffeine overdose. Sounds strange but it is true. While investigating this man I had the opportunity to ask some questions about him to a source at LE.
More details here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?60257-ON-Laurentian-Hills-Deep-River-WhtMale-334UMON-28-40-Sep-01-*GRAPHIC*&p=7146791#post7146791

Also in October there is no skiing so you can count that out.