Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jane Arroyo Grande Doe

Who Am I?
Do you know me?
What is my name?

Little is known about who I am. The authorities provide the following statistics:

Approximate Height: 62"
Weight: 103 Lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes : Green

there was tattoo of S carved into my right forearm

further my age is estimated to be between 14 and 20.

I was found just South of route 146 and West of Arroyo Grande, Henderson on October 5, 1980.

The saddest part is I was discovered without clothing and with knife wounds to my head and back. I think I was stabbed to death. But why?

I don't know if anyone has answers to why I was killed. I just know that I want to be identified. The authorities have my Dental charts and DNA on record. I hope that someday someone will miss me, look for me and recognize me.

Will you help me find out who I am? All you have to do is send my photo and stats to everyone you know. Please help me find out who I am.

My life was taken. I had a future. I was robbed of a future. Now you can help me discover who I am so that I am not robbed in my death. Please help me find out who I am.

If you have any information on this case, please contact:

Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner
(702) 455-6649 or (702) 455-3210

Please refer to this number when contacting us with information.
Clark County Case Number:  # 80-01221

VIEW HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Clark Nevada Jane Doe October 1980

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