Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Joe "Eyeglass" Doe

Ok, here it is my story, as it’s known thus far:

In late August 1972, on a hot day, my corpse was found in a wooded area with two gunshots to the head. So this wooded area, you see, was located north of Brandon, Oregon, off Highway 101.

Since I was a skeleton when they found me, there seems to be some descriptive information about me missing, like my eye color, hair color, any tattoos I may have had, and my fingerprints. It seems my body was probably dumped/left in the wooded area sometime between 1967 and 1969. That tells you I was probably dead for 3 to 5 years prior to them finding my skeleton.

They guess that I was about 60 to 70 years of age, my height was about 5'8" to 6'0" and I weighed somewhere between 180 and 200 lbs. You are probably wondering how they guessed my weight since I was a skeleton and all, but it turns out they found my belt which was a size 42". That's not all they found. It turns out I had a key ring with the initial R and a car key, gray wool socks with red and green bands, tan leather lace-up work boots with white composition soles that hook at the laces with the label Bilt Rite, Nuron Crepe, Made in the USA.

Here's the biggest clue of all: I had a full set of dentures, engraved with "S1214/66" or "51214/66". If the dentures said S and not 5 it's possible they were made in Seattle by the US Public Health Service Hospital in 1966. Since this hospital was closed, they couldn't verify this. Some other speculation is that I'm military or retired military due to being treated at the US Public Service Hospital. I'm not sure about this. What if the dentures really read 5 or another number that wasn't read at all?

I was pretty old guy by the time I was located. I was found shot in the head. Obviously, at some point in my life, I made an enemy. Oh, it wasn't suicide as no gun was found at the site, only some unspent .22 caliber shells along side three coins. The three coins might be another clue that wasn't considered. Why three coins? Were they in my pocket? Were they a symbol that someone threw on the ground?

I'm sure I had family somewhere at some point. If only they could see the artist rendering of me maybe they would recall. Could I have left my family years prior? Most likely, I wasn't from Oregon. Maybe I just came there to get away from someone or something. My past tells my story. If you know me, you could reveal this mystery.

No matter what I may have done in my life, or whom I may have upset, I don't deserve to go unidentified in my death. Please come forward and tell the authorities what you know and most importantly who I am. Thanks!

If you have any information on who this blogger has dubbed Joe "Eyeglass" Doe please contact:

Bandon Police Department
Case # 72-13

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE:  Coos Oregon John Doe August 2971


Unknown said...

I am very interested in your blog and have added you to my blog list. I have always wanted to assist in these types of cases.

RJ said...

Welcome to Can You Identify Me? Thank you for the add!

Anonymous said...

I think the number that was located on the denture is the date they were made 12(Dec) 14 (day) 66 (1966) Not sure about the "S" could mean stamped or supplied or something like that!! Just saying!!