Friday, February 20, 2009

Biloxi Harrison County Mississippi <--- That's where I was found!

Now can you tell me where I'm from? Until we know my identity you can call me Ronald Harrington, good a name as any, I guess!

Here is the harsh reality in 2001 my skull was found in the woods. In a wooded area at 13120Hwy 67, Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi to be exact. It's been estimated I was dead for one to five years before they found me.

Doe Network reported that I had been shot in the head. They found other parts too, but not my hands. Now who would go and do a thing like that? It's damn crying shame I tell you, damn crying shame!

You probably guessed from the computer enhanced facial reconstruction that I'm a black man. They guess I'm between 32 and 42 years of age and about 5'9 1/2" (69.5)tall. They couldn't tell my weight, can't quite figure out how they could tell my height. Don't much care. I just want to know who I am.

It's also been reported that I was probably wearing black colored pants and gray boxer shorts. So the big mystery is solved. I wore boxers instead of briefs. Wonderful. Now can you just tell me who I am?

Look my hands were not recovered. Let's suppose they were cut off and removed so no finger prints could be taken, or maybe the wild animals carried them away. Sad state of affairs I tell you, sad state!

It comes down to this "Do You Know Me?" If you do call someone and tell them who I am. If you don't pass my picture on to someone else and have them keep passing it on until someone somewhere can say who I am! Thank You!


ME/C Contact Information
Harrison County Coroner
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Biloxi Police Department
Phone Number:

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Harrison Mississippi John Doe January 2001

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