Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FLYER Jason Doe aka Grateful Doe Virginia 1995

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE:  Greensville Virginia John Doe June 1995


Anonymous said...

Do you know if they contacted the owner of the car the deceased was driving? My Dad is missing. The patrolmen found the name of the owner and the address and never contacted anyone. My Dad happened to be the owner. The patrolmen never looked for my Dad even though the car was full of blood and overturned. No one sent a notice to the owner of the car so we just found out he was in an acident 2-4-11. The accident happened 11-30-10. There is a glitch in they system. We would have never been notified about my dad's wreck if the tow truck driver didn't do a search to find out who to charge for the towed car. we are searching for my Dad who was sighted up to 14hrs after the wreck. I just thought I would ask.

RJ said...


Thank you for posting. First let me tell you that I'm very sorry to hear about your father!

In this particular instance, the answer to your question is YES! The owner of the vehicle was found deceased in the vehicle with Jason Doe. He was another teen and his parents were notified. They did not know Jason Doe.

Jason Doe aka Grateful Doe is a very popular unidentified John Doe. He has people all over the country trying to figure out who he is. If you are interested in following this case and reading all it's background a great reference site is a group called WebSleuths. Here is a link to discussion focused solely on this young man:

I appreciate that you took the time to tell us your story and try to help put the pieces together. Your time and assistance is valued.

I hope you find your father soon. If you need any resource information that might help you on your search please feel free to email or call our office.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
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