Monday, April 25, 2011

Anne Arundel Doe

8675309 is a number you are probably very familiar with. The number belongs to Jenny and we all know that Tommy Tutone got it. He got her number 8675309, he got it.

My number is 0505076! That’s my number and John Gajda has it. It’s my number and he has it. He shares it with his partner Scott Seegers. They got it. They got my number. It’s my number and they got it!

The problem is that my number is not a phone number. My number was not made famous in a song that was played on the radio and remembered in the minds of masses for decades. No my number tells a completely different story. My number is the number assigned to me, my remains and my case. Sort of blows that happy feeling you were experiencing when you started remembering Jenny’s number doesn’t it?

Well Jenny only had to change her phone number to continue to exist. I wasn’t as fortunate. I had to die to get my number. The other thing is that almost all of America knows 8675309 belongs to a girl named Jenny. Unfortunately, 0505076 can’t be connected with a name. You can call me Jane Doe. You can call me Anne Arundel Doe. But you can’t call me by name because you don’t know it! I’m an Unidentified American.

In order to put a name to that number the local law enforcement needs the public's help. Can you help? You are the public right? Can you help spread my number like Jenny’s number? Maybe the right person will see my information and know my name. Just maybe!

Here is some information to go with my number: I was found on July 27, 2005 in Brooklyn, Maryland. I had been deceased a month or so prior to my discovery. I was a White Female, 19 to 23 years old, stood about 5’5 and weighed about 115 lbs. My hair was red, brown and curly. I had previous nose and left cheek fracture. I liked name brand products. I was wearing Paris Blues dark blue jeans, red tank top with Nike on front, white Nike sock and K Swiss white tennis shoes.

So the cops have my DNA, my fingerprints, and my dental records. What they don’t have is anything to compare them too. Well at least not successfully thus far. They need to find my family! They need to find my identity. They need the public to view this information and my forensic sketch. Then maybe, just maybe someone will recognize me and call Detective John Gajda or Detective Scott Seegers and tell them the name that goes with 0505076!

If you have any information please call:

Detective John Gajda or Detective Scott Seegers

Case #05-05076

VIEW HER PROFILE DATA HERE: Anne Arundel Maryland Jane Doe July 2005

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