Monday, May 16, 2011

Alaska Days, Alaska Ways! Call me Robinson Doe

You are probably stuck on the fact that I was in Alaska. People who are not from Alaska have a hard time wrapping their heads around what Alaska is really like. I don’t care what TV shows you’ve seen, what books you’ve read, or stories you’ve heard – you truly don’t know Alaska until you have lived here.

I’m certainly not going to waste time here explaining Alaska to you. Either you know it or you don’t.

The reason we are here today is to talk about who I am. Who I might be is the subject of this narrative. What happened to me is another story completely. Let’s just stay focused on the real reason we are all here today. Who am I, that’s what you want to know. It’s also what law enforcement would like to know. So who am I?

I’m a white man about forty to forty five years old. Well at least I was about that age when I died. See my remains were found on August 16, 2001. They think I died in February of 2001. The problem is they don’t know who I am. They just found my remains. So until they figure out who I am, I remain “unidentified.”

Remaining focused: I’m a white man, forty to forty five years old who stood anywhere from five feet six inches to five feet ten inches tall. I had salt and pepper (gray) hair that I wore in a ponytail. This they know. Not my name, but that I wore a ponytail. My hair outlived my name. Well maybe it will help you figure out who I am.

If you think clothes will help you figure out who I am, I was wearing a black winter jacket with a purple lining, Rustler brand jeans and Rawlings brand tennis shoes sized eight and a half.

There’s only one detail left, where I was found. If it helps any, I was found in a wooded area of 3rd Avenue in Anchorage, Alaska.

Now you know what I looked like, what I was wearing and where I was found – Do you know who I am? If you do, do me a favor call these cops and tell them, so they’ll know too. I’d like a nice tombstone with my name on it!

If you have any information call:

Anchorage Police Department
Refer to NIC/U16000237

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE HERE: Anchorage Alaska John Doe August 2001

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Lisa DeSherlia said...

How sad! May God, through our reading this man's story & circulating it all over the Internet, reach the person(s) who hold the key to his identification, so he may regain his name and his family, answers.