Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smithfield, good a name as any!

So here I am, Smithfield Doe. Why Smithfield? Well you see it all started back in June 1987.

I’m a dashing Latino man, about in my late twenties (sssshh maybe early 30’s). I’m average height 5’5 (hey this is my story) and I only weigh about 122. I’m growing my beard so it might appear scruffy to some. I have me a mustache too! Like I said, I’m a dashing Latino. You know it.

So it’s mid 1987 sorry the exact date is a blur. I’m having a casual day, but I still look good. I’m wearing gray sweatpants with my San Juan muscle shirt. Of course, I’m wearing my McGregor Tristar sneakers, no socks though. It’s the look. What can I say, it’s the 80’s.

Here’s where things get fuzzy. Someone sort of turned out the lights. Well, permanently, I guess you could say. It wasn’t done nicely or without malice. It was clearly with rage. I was killed possibly by an ice pick. Sounds like a silly weapon but that weapon was used twenty two times on me. Like I said it was clearly done with rage. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the perpetrator. After killing me, I was wrapped with chicken wire and with the use of coaxial cable ninety pounds of rocks and bar bells were attached to weigh me down. Weigh me down so that I can be dumped in a body of water.

On June 18, 1987, my body floated up in Stump Pond. Here’s where it gets interesting. Stump Pond is on the property of the Smithfield Police Department. You might think it’s odd that a crime happened so close to the cops, but it’s not. That sort of thing happens right under the cops watch all the time. Not to say, that they aren’t watching. They are, it’s just like insult to injury. Almost like a message is being sent and I was the messenger.

So June 1987, I was found dead on the property of the Smithfield Police Department. Therefore, only fitting to call me Smithfield Doe. And that’s the only story I have to share with you.

Oh wait, that’s not enough? You want more? So do I. The problem is I’m called “Doe” because they can’t figure out who I am. No records could be found that could identify me. They looked. They think I might have been from Mexico. Look my story for these purposes started and ended in June 1987. The rest of story, well that’s something we all want to know. Maybe you can help us find it out.

If you have any information about this man, please call

Smithfield, Rhode Island
Smithfield Police Department

HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Providence Rhode Island John Doe June 1987


Leigh said...

I am confused about whether or not the picture is a composite of the Doe or if it is a picture of a tattoo the Doe had. Can you clear that up for me?

RJ said...

Hi Leigh,

This rendering was done by an FBI Forensic Artist. It is a likeness of the unidentified male in hopes to garner an identification.

My understanding is this gentlemen did not have any tattoos, scars or other markings.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for your continued dedication to America's Unidentified.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me

EastPAWZ said...

I have lived in Rhode Island for a few years. There is a huge Spanish speaking population here. Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Cuban etc... but rarely Mexicans.

if he was wearing a San Juan Shirt, maybe he was Puerto Rican. Puerto Ricans would not wear anything representing Mexicans here. I come to this conclusion after being around so many Hispanic groups after years.

Why haven't they checked the immigration records for someone who could be this mans age and his Social Security number or anything that would identify him, that no longer shows up on the computers...

You rarely see people here without Family Ties who are Hispanic.

Unknown said...

I also feel he might be Puerto Rican. Also agree that he must have family ties but wonder if a family member killed him. The attack by the ice pick was fueled by rage.