Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1981 Essex County had 161 Murders

My name is June Doe and I’m just one more number from the list of victims that died in 1981. One more statistic! One more dead woman!

Who was I? Thirty years later, my identity remains a mystery. I have stats. I have a forensic rendering. I have hope. What I don’t have is life. Mine was ended; ended early. See, it's estimated I wasn’t even 40 years old yet. More likely, I was 30 to 35 years old.

You have to be amused by this situation. What else is left? There is humor in everything, including the fact that I (like many others) remain unidentified after so many years. It’s hard to fathom how people can actually remain dead for years and years and no one, not one person, knows who they are. As I said, you have to find humor in it; otherwise, you’d remain depressed for a lifetime. You don’t end up depressed forever. So, find a bit of humor in the broken system that can’t figure out who I am.

So, what do they know? I’m a black woman, 30 to 35 years old. I stood about five feet, four inches tall. I weighed about 145 pounds. I had a lot of dental issues and even received extensive dental work done at some point in my life. I had black hair. Apparently my eye color is unknown. Let’s take a stab in the dark, no pun intended, and say I had brown eyes. I had pierced ears, although only one ear for certain could be verified as pierced. Again, it would be an assumption to say they both were pierced.

Was I a waitress? Was I a receptionist? Was I a street walker? Was I a mother? Was I the girl you passed that night and never paid any attention to? Some think my clothes and jewelry will help lead you to a better of idea of who I was. So here we go: When I was found, I was wearing a blue jacket, floral print top and a red skirt. My jewelry consisted of a brooch on my lapel, a silver bangle bracelet, and a nondescript post earring in my left ear. So do you now know what I did for a living? If yes, please tell them. You never know. Maybe it will help them figure out who I am. The reality is my clothing probably didn’t lead you to any big breakthrough in learning my identity.

The humor thing: it’s interesting that someone said I may have been part of a series of homicides. Well, I was found on September 29, 1981 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. I was actually killed earlier that month. The interesting or humorous fact is that 161 people were killed in 1981. So yes, most say I was part of a series of murders. That’s rather evident by the outstanding number of people who were killed that year! I think what they meant was I was part of a related set of murders that took place. Maybe all women? Maybe all black women? Maybe all street walkers? Or just maybe all black female receptionists.

No, my death is not funny. No, it’s not funny that 161 people died in Essex County, New Jersey in 1981. It’s not funny that a string of related homicides took place, meaning other women mostly likely died by the same perpetrator who killed me. And it’s most definitely not funny that I remain unidentified for 30 years. None of it is funny.

It’s time to clean up the humor, solve and fix the problem and restore my identity. Who am I?

If you know who this person is, please call:

The New Jersey State Police

NIC# U220067286
Case Number: 07812451

HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE:  Essex New Jersey Jane Doe September 1981

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