Thursday, June 7, 2012

You can call me Natch P, and it’s time to get back to the basics.

Was I rap star? Was I hip music mogul in the making? Could I have been working my way up the shady underbelly of the rap world? Could I have been working the streets pimping my music to anyone who would listen? Could I have been on the brink of discovery? Sure, why not!

Was I college student? Was I studying politics and government? Could I have been running for an office, for school recognition? Could I have been on the debate team? Could I have been President of the United States someday? Sure, why not!

Was I fast on my feet? Was I able to run the field? Could I move and glide with a ball? Did I look good in that uniform? Could I have been on the road to great success working my way to the NFL? Sure, why not!

Was I an average hard-working guy simply trying to get by in life? A guy who wanted to provide for his family? A guy who wanted to have fun after work? A guy who wanted to meet someone nice and fall in love? Sure, why not!

Anything is possible about how my life could have turned out. Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite as planned. It hit a roadblock. Actually, more like a cement block. See on October 16, 2005, my remains were found encased in cement inside of a 50-gallon drum in a shallow creek just off Hwy. 84, Clarence, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.

What my future had in store will remain a mystery. Apparently someone out there wanted me gone. It was so serious that they encased me in cement inside of a 50-gallon drum and dropped me in a creek. That was pretty messed up, right there. What’s even more messed up, the authorities don’t know who I am. They can’t figure it out. In order to figure out who I am, they have to get back to the basics.

Here’s some real basic 411: I’m an African-American male, 18 to 30 years old, and I stood somewhere between 5'6" to 5'10". I was wearing some type of green-blue shirt or jacket with a drawstring hood and Hanes boxer shorts.

The real basics here are going to be the science. They take this test that gives them information, that helps them figure out who someone is, it’s called DNA. DNA, the acronym for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, stands for the key foundation on which the structure of life is built. Sounds serious right? What it really means is that it can tell one person from the next. You know the basics! Alright, so they have my DNA on file. Also they were able to find my teeth and dental impressions. It’s like this, that means they have my dental information on file too. It doesn’t get more basic than the stuff you are made of and your teeth! Now they just need something to compare it to.

You know when I was found. You know where I was found. You know how I was found. Now what? Back to the basics, dawg! Find my family and let’s get some comparisons made to find out who I am. Let’s get those DNA science guys working on matching me to me. Feel me?

If you have information that will lead to the identity of this man, please call:

Natchitoches Parish Coroners Ofc.

SEE HIS PROFILE DATA HERE:  Natchitoches Louisiana John Doe October 2005


Amaleen6 said...

This picture is beautiful, so life-like. I don't know how anyone who knows this young man's identity could fail to recognize him once they saw the image.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a real photo! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Have they looked in high school year books for his picture? Could he be from another country?

Anonymous said...

To be honest I was thinking the same thing. He looks to be from the Dominican Republic.

ClockIsTickin said...

Or its possible that the image doesn't even look like him...its a computer generated image of someone found encased in cement. My guess is, he was highly likely unrecognizable...Just my thoughts

Unknown said...

I thought it was a real picture as well!! How come nobody recognizes him?? His picture needs national attention.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was odd to "assume" that this individual spoke in the manner of the narrative. Regardless,I greatly appreciate and support the mission of this site. What a handsome young man. I hope his truth is found, and he is at peace.

Anonymous said...

Were there tags in the clothing? Maybe the manufacturer could help date the clothing? Surely they could help narrow the time of his death down some. 1 to 25 years is a pretty big span.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing. How presumptuous to assume that was his manner of speaking.