Thursday, May 31, 2012

J.D.--It’s my time to get identified.

It’s like a flash of light. It happens so fast. One minute you are alive, and the next you are gone.

February 1996, I ran into the street, right in front of an ambulance that was in route, traveling at a high rate of speed. I guess you can figure out what happened. Sure some will speculate I did it intentionally, but the circumstances are truly unknown. I think everyone is better off not speculating. Instead, focus on a much greater need, my name.

My name is not known. I’m what you call a John Doe. Doe is what the authorities call a person when they don’t know the person’s name. So it’s official, I’m a Doe. Instead of John Doe, why don’t we spice it up a bit and just call me J.D. It’s a little better than John Doe, right?

I’m here before you today because “they,” the powers that be, are working hard at trying to figure out who I am. Here’s what they know:

Hispanic Male
25 to 35 years old
5'2" and 130 lbs.
Brown Eyes
Wavy Shoulder-Length Black Hair
Moustache & Soul Patch

Remember earlier I mentioned I ran into the street? That was at the corner of SE Grand and SE Belmont in Portland, Oregon. The date was February 19, 1996. I didn’t have anything useful on me for identification just a black Timex wristwatch--no identification that would lead them to my identity or my family.

They did note down all the clothes I was wearing, if that helps you any. I was wearing a tan thermal-lined jacket from J.C. Penney’s, a long-sleeved brown shirt, gray Bugle Boy trousers, size 28, with a brown belt and blue swimming trunks. I also wore gray and black socks with black shoes, size 8 ½. Not sure that helped, but maybe I was visiting someone who will remember what I looked like and what I was wearing the last day that individual ever saw me. 

Here’s the thing, 1996 was a long time ago. It’s time for me to finally find my final resting place, where they can put a tombstone that reads the name I was given at birth. Also, I think my family deserves to know what happened to me. They must be going crazy not knowing. It’s definitely my time. My time to get identified!

Call this woman if you know me: 
Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office
Dr. Nici Vance
Case #96-557

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA HERE:  Multnomah Oregon John Doe February 1996

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