Monday, January 28, 2013

The Disco Age and the Sandy Hook Bay

Platform shoes and knee-high acrylic socks were the rage. Nightclubs, loud music, gin fizzes, piña coladas, loud clothes, and dancing all night long--yep, those were the days. Those were the disco days.

Then disco died and so did I. When it came to disco, they never looked back. When it came to me, well, it took a long time for them to find me. They finally did, find me that is.

Residents in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey set out in December 1988 to clear a parcel of land alongside the Sandy Hook Bay for a bicycle path. One of the volunteers thought he was reaching down to clear a plastic ball when he soon discovered it was my skull. The authorities were called.

United together, one local police department, two state police agencies, three medical examiners’ offices, one prosecutor’s office, and public works set out to find the rest of my remains. They successfully recovered 85% of me after doing a complete grid search of the area.

I may have died earlier than 1980, possibly during the disco rage in the mid-1970s. They don’t know for certain. Here comes the hardest part--they don’t know my name.

My profile data says I could have been anywhere from 15 to 18 years old, possibly up to 30 years old. I stood 5 feet tall, but possibly up to 5 feet and 3 inches. I might have weighed 100 pounds, but possibly up to 120 pounds. I was wearing brown platform sandals, knee-high acrylic socks, and a long sleeved grey-and-red nylon laced top.

The good news is that they have my DNA and my dental records for comparison. If you know who I am, or think you know who I am, the authorities can review the dental records or do a DNA comparison to a family member.

If anyone out there knows who I am, please call and tell them who I am!

Contact information:
New Jersey State Police
Case #537234-88

Atlantic Highlands Police Department
NIC #U337246242

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