Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are you missing me?

You can call me Oscar! I was 20 to 30 years old when I was killed. Yes, I was killed.

In April 1985, my body was found in a metal trash container. The container was located during the excavation of a mall in Glen Burnie, MD. Do you know the Marley Station Mall? That's the site which was under construction in 1985. That's where they found me.

I was a young white guy. I was about 5'8 to 5'11 feet tall. My hair was brown. I was slim dude. When I was killed, I was wearing my blue and black sweater, some slacks and leather shoes.

I guess I had unusual keys, because the Doe Network pointed them out in their post about me. They said that I had "what appeared to be an apartment/hotel key with some letters."

Was I suppose to work on this construction job? Was I in town for something else? Based on the weird keys, maybe I didn't live here, just visiting or in town for a job. Whatever the reason I was here, someone didn't want me here. I guess I pissed someone off. Must have, they killed me and dumped me in a metal trash container. DAMN that bites. I had my whole life ahead of me!

Here's the thing, while it bites that I was killed, it's worse that they can't identify me. So are you missing someone? Do you know of someone who is missing? It was back in 1985, and well, I was pretty studly looking guy, so someone has to be missing me. I need YOU. Yes, YOU. To pass my picture around to everyone you know. I don't care where they live now, or where they lived before, they might know me, or someone who does. So copy my picture or forward this post to everyone know you. Help IDENTIFY me. Come on how can you resist, I'm still a pretty studly guy even from the heaven's above! I need to rest in peace. Please help me!

Police Case 1985-055625

Anyone with any information about this unidentified victim, please call:

Anne Arundel County Police
Homicide Unit - Cold Case Squad
(410) 222-3456
or call
Metro Crime Stoppers
(410) 276-8888

VIEW HIS PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE:  Anne Arundel Maryland John Doe April 1985


Anonymous said...

What an amazing site!! Good luck with all you do!

Anonymous said...

I just added your site to my Dynamite Site list. I think it's awesome what you're doing! Keep it up.

RJ said...

Hi Robyn and Jason .. welcome...

Thank you for your support. Please make sure you tell as many people as possible to sign up for the RSS Feed to help .. the more people who see these faces the better chance they have to find their identity.

Again, thank you both for your support.

dr_clairebear said...

I blogged about your site over here.

I don't have much of a readership as I'm a semi-private blog, but I hope it helps. What you're doing is great. Keep it going! :)

RJ said...

Hi Clairebear,

Even if your readership is one person, you made a difference. You know one person, knows another person who knows another person and so forth. Soon 1000's will know simply because of your assistance in getting the word out. You are awesome. Thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

Added a link to your great site to

Anonymous said...

Wow what an awesome website... How long have you had this site up and have you had anyone give information that has been beneficial?


Ron Ripple

RJ said...

Hi Fool

Thanks for the link love this site needs all the viewers it can get. We've increase our readership every month thanks to viewers like you who help spread the word.

Your link love is much appreciated.

Blessed Be...

RJ said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the kudos. We have only been up for a few months.

You ask a great question. We ask that everyone contacts the police directly. However, any leads that come in either by comment here, or via email are all forwarded to the appropriate government agency that can follow up appropriately.

Thanks for visiting. Please help spread the word by asking just two of your friends to visit. With each view we hope that the right person will find our site and be able to help out.

Best Regards

Marla said...

To me this looks something like Gordon Page Jr, but the hair color would be off...

RJ said...

Hi Marla,

Thank you for your interest in helping to find his identity.

In this instance, Gordon Page, Jr. went missing in 1991 six years after this unidentified male was found deceased.

While this wasn't a match, we do thank you for your efforts. The time that people like you put into trying to find the identities of these individuals is always valued.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me

Anonymous said...

I'm not affiliated with them, or a member of their forum, but I was wondering if you were familiar with ? They work to match murdered John/Jane Does with Missing Persons cases. Perhaps your sites could be valuable resources to each other?
Keep it up! It's great to see people working hard to help others find their missing loved ones. What you're doing is awesome.