Friday, August 31, 2007

Sam Smith - Or so that's what I told the police.

On January 27, 2006, I was arrested in Redwood City. I told the police my name was Sam Smith and I was born January 20, 1960. They took my photo you can see it over on the left side here.

Somehow I made my way from Redwood City, up to Pacifica off HWY 1. I'm not sure when I did this, or how I got there, or how long I was there. But it appears there is no mistake that I was, in fact, there. I built a tent out of tarp.

I guess the weather was bad, because on June 6, 2006, someone found me in my make shift tent. My body had mummified. I had been dead for about three months when they discovered me. On my tent, I had written NO GO NO EAT NO DRINK MURDER in duct tape.

The coroners office said that there were no signs of exterior trauma. Nice huh. I didn't have any stab wounds, or such. Basically, they mean no one actually murdered me. That they can see. Maybe the system murdered me? After all, my own words tell a story. Someone, somehow caused me harm at some point in my life.

It was also determined that I had lied when I was arrested. My finger prints match that of the arrest record that's why we have my photo. But I told them I was born on January 20, 1960 in KY. The officials tried to locate any birth records for a Sam Smith born on January 20, 1960 in KY, but were not successful.

So I lied to the police. Wouldn't you? Well, I don't recommend it. Had I given my true name, they might have been able to identify me and notify my family.

Or did I lie? Is my name really Sam Smith, or Samantha Smith? Maybe I really was born on January 1960, or at least part of that is accurate. Maybe I was born in KY? It's possible that I have told truths that no one can figure out. I guess I'm a puzzle to be solved.

It's possible I liked puzzles. When they found me in my tent I had several books, including two bibles, Harry Potter, and a Busy Woman's Journal. I must have been smart. They found passages written in the journal. It's possible that once I was a career woman? Or at least received a good education?

They estimate that I was 5'4 to 5'6 feet tall, with brown eyes. I'm somewhere between 25 and 46 years old, but most likely in my or near my 40's. They describe my hair as brown, stringy with gray streaks. I was about 130 lbs.

Here is the really important fact -- I had very expensive dental work done at some point in my life. It's the hope of everyone that a DDS will remember my picture and say YES I know who that is. So if you can send my picture to every DDS you know in CA and KY, I figure that's a good a place as any to start. Also, someone had to pay for my dental work, maybe my parents, husband, boyfriend, or even my employment. I'm hoping that the oddity of me being "homeless" with expensive dental work should awaken someones memory.

I need your help telling everyone you can about me. It's possible I've only been missing for a couple of years. Maybe Sam Smith was my favorite character from TV, a Movie, or a book. My friends and family might know who Sam Smith is, or represents. I ask each and everyone of you reading this to send my picture to every DDS in CA and KY, to reach out to your friends and neighbors, universities and businesses and ask DO YOU KNOW HER - aka SAM SMITH can you just look at the picture?

Remember my words NO GO NO EAT NO DRINK MURDER - ask anyone, ask everyone what that could possibly mean. It's possible I was trying to tell people who I am or how I ended up this way.


If you know this woman, please contact:
San Mateo County Coroner's Office

VIEW HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: San Mateo California Jane Doe June 2006


Anonymous said...

doe 593UFCA CA looks like doe 66UFFL who is thought to be Tara Leigh Calico missing 1988 Belen New Mexico both close in height and had dental work. eye color sketchy. the face featureslooks similar

RJ said...

Thank you for viewing and trying to help identify Sam Smith.

You have interesting thought. However, Sam Smith had brown eyes so she wouldn't be a match for either.

Your time and dedication to trying to help bring peace to the missing and identify the unidentified is valued.

Thank You,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

stephanie L said...

I have spent countless hours searching for her match. If only I could figure out the meaning of her message left on the tent!

RJ said...

Thank You Stephanie. You are not alone. Many people are trying to decipher that meaning. All your efforts and time is appreciated.

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

marjorie said...

I googled the words and it took me to a myspace blog

there is a poem here with the exact phrase. Not sure if it will help

Anonymous said...

What about if u don't eat or drink and you can't go anywhere meaning that you were prevented from moving someone murdered u

Anonymous said...

Im guessing she didnt write that statement. That whom ever killed her did. The way it is written says that the person writing had a mental disorder. I assume her dob unless she committed identity theft. But they cant find a record othef than the arrest she had is because she was never arrested until she went homeless. Its obvious she left her life which i believe was very good.

Anonymous said...

Was there a name in either Bible or Harry Potter book or the journal? To the poster who said her search took her to a myspace page. Is there a name associated with it? Can you see a list of friends for the owner of the myspace page? I'm not familiar with it.

Fidelia said...

Is it possible someone found her and wrote these words? Maybe a homeless person warning others not to go in there because there's no food or drink - and there's been a murder? I wonder if they found any fingerprints on the duct tape.