Saturday, August 25, 2007

Georgia Jackson - I was under 25 when they found me.

Hi, I'm temporarily being called Georgia Jackson, by this blogger, until someone (YOU?) can tell the world my true name.

All we know is that on August 19, 2001, my decomposed body was found along the I-85, in Jackson County, Georgia.

It's estimated that I was about 17 to 24 years old. I was approximately 5'1 to 5'4, with black wavy hair about 6" long. I had several dental restorations, with my front teeth protruding and a slight gap in the middle.

I must have liked no boundaries clothes. I was found wearing a no boundaries halter top, no boundaries size 3, dark blue jeans and no boundaries underwear with FUBU white athletic socks.

Do you know me? Were you my dentist? Is it possible I lived by you, went to school with you, or worked with you? Maybe we frequented the same store. Perhaps you bagged my groceries or I bagged yours? Maybe you poured me a cup of coffee, or I poured you one? Please look at the photo they came up with depicting what I looked like. It's possible I looked a little different. Please look hard to see if you recognize me all. If you do, I beg you to call:

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Major David Cochran 706-367-8718
OR GBI’s Athens Office Special Agent Terry Cooper 706-542-7901
Reference #NCIC Number: U-170003891

You don't have to tell them your name, if you don't want to. Just tell them my name, where I lived, who my family is, where you might have seen me -- anything that might help them put my true identity to my remains, so I can finally rest in peace.

Thank you for trying to help me.

VIEW HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Jackson Georgia Jane Doe August 2001


Unknown said...

Has Georgia Jackson been identified yet? Has anyone claimed this person as missing? No family friends that came forward?????

RJ said...

Hi Misha,

To my knowledge she has not yet been identified.

It is very possible that family and friends are actively seeking to find her.

The problem is the families of the missing have so many sites and so many directions they have to go to find their loved one it becomes very intense.

She is one of the lucky ones. She had a forensic rendering done so that people can see what she might have looked like. This is a great tool in finding her family.

Since 2001, changes have happened. A new database called NamUs was created by the Department of Justice. It is there for families and law enforcement to register their missing loved ones and for coroners and law enforcement to register all unidentified remains.

The site is newer so it's taking time to reach out. Nevertheless, they are gaining ground and the system is working in helping identify the unidentified.

We have just noticed that she has not been entered into the database. We will be contacting both LE and NamUs in hopes to get her information entered as soon as possible.

Keep your fingers crossed that Georgia Jackson will soon be identified.

Thank you for interest in her. Please share her narrative and sketch with everyone you know. The more people who see her the better chances she has for becoming identified!

All My Best,
Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

Anonymous said...

<Hi,just wanted to add that "No Boundaries" brand clothing is from Wal Mart. "Fubu" is from J.C.Penney.Don't know if that helps or not.Sincerely, Tania Thompson