Saturday, September 29, 2007

Valerie Doe - sea serpent with abalone shell inlay bracelet

My name is Valerie. I think. A bracelet lay near me that contained the name Valerie. I was dubbed Valerie Doe from that point forward.

On May 25 or 26, 1991, I was located in a shallow grave by travelers in the Black Rock Desert. I understand the area was approximately 11 miles north of Gerlach, rural Pershing County, Nevada.

I'm described as being a white woman and 5'0 to 5'3 feet tall. One report says I have brown hair. No report describes the color of my eyes. My sketch demonstrates long hair, but I haven't seen a report describing the length of my hair. One report says I was 25 to 30 years old. Another report says I could have been up to 50 years old. So in 1991, I guess I was from 25 to 50 years old -- WOW. That's a huge age gap.

I guess the items found with me are the most telling of who I might be. I was wearing size 30, KIKKU brand denim jeans which were manufactured in England, a STAGE brand black blouse manufactured in Turkey (one size fits all), and a dark colored camisole slip. There were two bracelets found with my skeleton. One was engraved with the name Valerie and the other was a distinctive yellow metal bracelet in the shape of a sea serpent with abalone shell inlay.

It appears my cause of death was one or more gun shots to the head. WHY? Who did I piss off?

It's also been reported that a nationwide search of missing people provided no leads. That's why they had a forensic artist do the above sketch, in hopes to find my identity.

Is it possible that I lived with people or individuals who didn't recognize the laws of the United States? For instance, FLDS or like individuals? If this is the case maybe they haven't seen the reports about me, or failed to report me to the authorities since they don't recognize them. Possibly. Maybe it was more like international trafficking. It is important that people understand individuals are not only taken from the US elsewhere, but they brought from elsewhere to the US. It is possible I was one of those women brought to the United States. Maybe I ran and was caught. Maybe I knew to much and someone eliminated me.

I hope that whoever is looking for me finds me. I hope someone is looking for me. I hope my name is Valerie and someone can tell you what my last name is!

I hope I can be identified.

If you have any information about me please contact:

Pershing County Sheriff
Nevada Division of Investigation
Nevada Department of Public Safety
Detective Rick Brown

NDPS Case Number: C-91-246
County Coroner Number: 0580-91

VIEW HER PROFILE DATA AT A GLANCE: Pershing Nevada Jane Doe May 1991


Elizabeth said...

I believe this is not a sea serpent but a Chinese Dragon, rather common on jewelry. I recall seeing a great deal of this type jewelry (abalone inlay,mother of pearl) back in the 70's. I even had some.
"distinctive yellow metal bracelet in the shape of a sea serpent with abalone shell inlay."


RJ said...

This is good information to know and for everyone to see! Thanks for sharing it Elizabeth.

Rebel J. Morris
Can You Identify Me?

Suzangm said...

Good article!