Monday, November 1, 2010

Who is BOB DOE?

I look like your average everyday male. There is nothing in particular that stands out about me. I don’t have any tattoos or notable features of any type. I must not no one is mentioning them actually no one is mentioning me much at all.

Here is one thing you can note down. I’m dead. That’s right. “D E A D!” Dead. I said it, you heard me say it. “D E A D.” On December 27, 2007, my body was found along side the railroad tracks on Edinger Ave, East of Red Hill, in Tustin, California. My cause of death remains a mystery; they have it marked, “undetermined.”

My identity should also be next to check box that reads “undetermined.” I had no identification nor did my fingerprints garner any results. Therefore, my identity remains a mystery, very much like how I died.

I was about 45 to 55 years old. I had brown eyes and brown hair. My teeth were not the greatest I had some decaying going on. I weighed about 161 lbs, but my height can not be determined. By all appearances, with the exception of some bad teeth, I look like your average middle aged white guy. Except somehow I died and no one knows my name. So I’m an average middle aged dead & unidentified white guy.

Is there any chance you can help restore my identity? They came up with a forensic sketch of what I looked like. They have the actual images available for anyone who knows me to view and determine for certain, if I’m your missing loved one. I had a recognizable face when they found me. So this is something, something to go on. If anyone out there thinks they know who I am, please come forward and contact the Sheriff’s office. Tell them who that average middle aged white guy is, so they can figure out what happened to me and most importantly, who I am!


1071 W. Santa Ana Blvd.,Santa Ana, CA 92703(714) 647-7400Case #0707302-OS


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