Monday, August 23, 2010


The bottom of a 25-foot embankment near the Long Path Rest Area, Bear Mountain State Park, 1/4 a mile east of State Route 6. Town of Woodbury, NY, Orange County is where volunteers found fully dressed skeletal remains.

On May 3, 1998, the Ramapo Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club while volunteering near the Long Mountain Rest area of Route 6 found those skeletal remains wrapped in plastic. Like I mentioned, the deceased was fully dressed.

The full dressed skeleton was wearing:

  • A black t shirt with the design of a rainbow leading to a pot of gold, inscribed with Follow Your Dreams.
  • A blue zippered sir Jac Jacket.
  • Blue or black jeans with 32 inch waist and a 32 inch inseam.
  • Blue boxer shorts
  • White low-top Pony sneakers
And had the following items:
  • Hair pick,
  • French/ English dictionary,
  • Metal nail file
  • Yellow “Bic” lighter
An interesting side note is that the low top pony sneakers were out of style. Maybe the deceased didn’t know fashion. But turns out the rest of the world knows fashion because everyone keeps mentioning those shoes. Maybe it’s a clue to who this person is.

Turns out the skeletal remains belong to a black man, twenty five to thirty five years old. He stood anywhere from 5’6 to 5’11 feet. That’s a pretty large range on height. But what do I know? Also it’s noted this guy was knock kneed. It’s estimated this skeletal guy could have been lying around there since 1985.

Here’s the most interesting fact about this guy, he had been shot to death. Okay that’s not really interesting, but he was killed by two different caliber guns. I guess there was more than one assailant. That sounded like an interesting fact to me.

So this fully dressed skeletal guy remains unidentified. You think I’m disrespectful for referring to this man as skeletal remains? Good because these skeletal remains belong to me and I think it’s disrespectful to be unidentified!

I’ve now been dubbed Charles Doe and Follow Your Dreams Doe and John Doe. But it’s time to find my real identity. A name that’s not too much to ask for is it? Well not just any name. Seems everyone is ready to give me just any name. No, I want my name. Here’s another clue if you didn’t notice above. I had a French/ English dictionary.

 Alright you now know the details the rest of the world knows. So how are you going to be different than the rest of world? How about you help me? Find my identity and that will make you different!

If you have any information, please call:
New York State Police
Troop F, Criminal Investigation Bureau
Monroe, New York
(845) 782-8311

Reference # NCIC #U122217689

VIEW HIS PROFILE AT A GLANCE: Orange New York John Doe May 1998


Lisa DeSherlia said...

I have nothing that can give this man back his name, but may God lead the person (s) who do hold the key to his case right to his site. May they be empowered to do all that's needed to come forward with the needed information. And may God bring him home to his family, friends and community!

Anonymous said...

that type of shoe was popular in 1982 1983....had friends in high school that wore those at that time.

Amy White said...

Could he have been Haitian? Poorest country in the Western hemisphere, they speak a French based language generally, haiti could explain the outdated clothes, plus if he somehow got money to be smuggled here, shirt "Follow Your Dreams" is appropriate.Could have been killed by people who brought him here for whatever reason. Very sad no matter what it was.

Amy White said...

also the knock knees could be from rickets, caused by a vitamin deficiency, also makes me think of a poor country like Haiti

Unknown said...

Depending on how sever the "knock knees" were, it could have been anything from medical issues to simple genetics. I find it interesting that he had a French/English dictionary instead of an English/French one. That makes me think English wasn't his first language. He could be from anywhere from France to Haiti to parts of Africa.

Anonymous said...

He could have been French Canadian also.